Blk 650 Jalan Tenaga

Okay this did not happen to me but to a friend who lives at Blk 650 Jalan Tenaga. She was telling about how she thought she saw her mother in the dark at home. It happened a few years ago. Um…read on.

My friend, N, lives in a corner house. Should be a 5-room flat. Anyhow, the study room in her house has been converted into a TV or leisure room, since that is where all the hi-fi and stereo system are. The room has no door, so like, it’s sorta bare lah. Anyone outside can see anyone inside and vice-versa.

On one particular night, N was in the TV room listening to some music. Only the room was lighted and the rest of the house eg. the living room, kitchen etc etc were dark because the rest of the family were asleep. Well as she was listening to the music, she suddenly realised that her mother was standing near the sofa in the living room which was across the TV room. The sofa was directly outside her mother’s room so N thought her mom just woke up from sleep to go to the kitchen. N called out to her mom, “Mom, if you’re going to the kitchen can you please get me a glass of water?”

Somehow, her mom didn’t reply and N wondered why. She was thinking, that’s her mom right there in the red T-shirt cos her mom was wearing red on that day. But something struck N as weird. She couldn’t see her mom’s face properly in the dark cos 1)the only light that was there was from the TV room, and 2)somehow, her mom was also wearing a black ‘tudung’. And why the heck would her mom be wearing a black ‘tudung’ in the middle of the night??

N then realised that it wasn’t her mom standing there but er, something else. And then ‘it’ started walking towards her! N just uttered some verses from the Qur’an and closed her eyes. When she opened them, ‘it’ wasn’t there anymore, thank God.

N attributed the incident to an earlier incident a couple of days before. She was walking on the path leading to her block having returned from NCC, when she passed a couple of mango trees. Then she heard someone calling her name, so she turned round. But there was no one there. N concluded that perhaps whatever that had called her had probably followed her home.

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