Haunted Hotel Room

About 7 years ago, girlfriend Friend A and B, plus me made our way there for a short trip. When we arrived, we thought the place looked kind of weird as firstly, the lobby is not on ground floor but in the middle of somewhere (i cant remember the level though). Secondly, the lift lobbies are filled with Egypt-like ornaments. Those with heads only, if you get what i mean.

Anyway, we proceeded to check in. We requested for an extra key as i like to run around in new places so we thought its better to have an extra key in case we lose each other. Friend A is actually a timid girl who would stick to Friend B so two keys would be just nice.

When we were in the room, i was happily browsing through the directory that every hotel has, listing their facilities etc. Then, i saw this line that says “Buddhism book”. This aroused my curiosity as hotel usually only provide a bible. So I went to open all the drawers looking for it. Even Friend B asked me, “what are you looking for ah?”. Thus, i told them. I couldn’t find any at all! There was only a bible in the drawer. I was sure I saw the sentence so I went to flip the directory again. Tsk Tsk, I can find the sentence no more. I really saw it, I swear. Anyway…

Zoom to night time, Friend B took a shower and commented the lights keep flickering. But Friend A and me didnt find anything wrong. As we were leaving the next day and I have a habit of re-packing my small sling bag, i emptied everything on the bed. And, THERE WAS A EXTRA KEY. So i told Friend B, “hey, your key is here with me”. Guess what? Her key was still with her. So yes, there was indeed an extra key which appeared mysteriously in my bag. We tried not to think so much and went to bed.

That night, Friend A took the foldable bed, while Friend B and I each took the single bed. I took my sleeping pills and tried to sleep. In the middle of the night when my medicine was kicking in, Friend B woke me up and said “We are going to take a walk and will be back later”. I was feeling very drowsy and just said ok. Not long after, I started to hear a “tick tak” sound. It resembles something like “someone” kept switching the button on and off, on and off. When my eyes were closed, the sounds kept coming. When i struggled to open my eyes (because of medicine effect), the sounds stopped. It seemed to come from the toilet, so i mustered the courage to slowly walk there, and when i was approaching, the sounds stopped abruptly! I ran back to my bed and started to chant quietly. The sounds continued till morning and my friends didn’t return.

My friends finally returned in the early morning. By then we realized something is not right so although we didn’t exchange words, we had the chemistry to just quickly pack up. Friend A dare not step in so Friend B and I kept the door open and just quickly grabbed our stuff.

We returned the keys upon check out and the staff didn’t say anything about the extra key.

When we finally settled down in the cafe, i popped the question, “what happened?”. Apparently Friend A (the timid one) heard the sounds and was scared so she asked Friend B to go for walk and then told her about it. They prayed outside throughout the night (they are Christians). Frankly I was quite angry and upset when i heard that. For them leaving me alone in the room when they knew something was wrong. Anyway, they apologized to me after that.

While we were in the coach leaving the premises, we saw that the hotel was built not from ground level, but dig from below ground den built up.

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