Bangkok Trip Incident

This happened this year in Bangkok. We stayed in a lovely service apartment for our vacation. We meaning me and my so. We are in a long distance relationship so we really treasure the time spent together.

Anyways in the room, we were talking facing each other when suddenly he said “I ll pick you up from the airport.” I was like “What??” And he was like “What??” I said why did u say that suddenly? And he seemed to be in a daze. He said say what? And I said, You told me you ll pick me up from the airport. He dont have any recollection of that and it was just seconds ago! He seemed almost confused and stunned. He blamed it on his tiredness and though I got a nagging feeling about it, I decide to settle with that explanation.

Of because i was quite scared! I mean its just the both of us. In THAILAND. I mean you got to be careful in Thailand, they have certain beliefs and practice that is almost foreign to us. I thought my so can take care of me but now I have to be the unwilling heroine, I thought to myself.

In the same place the next day, we were sleeping. i was still uncomfortable because I find his behavior strange. The worst thing is, he don’t believe in ghost so i cant seem to confide to him about my thoughts. Its of no use anyways since he can never comprehend it. Anyways back to the story, yes, we were sleeping, when suddenly his head sprang up. I had the freaking shock of my life!!! It was so sudden!!!

i was like, Baby?? And he looked to the left (I was on his right). His mouth was opened and his eyes wide, as though he s trying to figure where the sound came from. I was soooo scared!!!!!!!! i called him again, louder this time, BABY???!!? And guess what???! He looked everywhere except at me!!!!! He then looked up the ceiling! Imagine its late at night and i was in this bloody apartment with my so who s gone nuts!!!

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