Holiday Trip

Hi, this incident happened on one of our holiday trip to Penang in Malaysia during uni semester break. There were total 10 of us, girls and boys. As we didn’t book the accommodation in advance, therefore we only look for it when arrived there. So, we decide 3 people including myself and another 2 friends (one boy, one girl) to search around for some chalet that can accommodate 10 of us.

On our way, we met a man saying that he had a house, with 2-rooms that can rent to us. So, he brought us there to take a look. I remember is some wooden house with balcony. When i entered the house, i had some odd feeling but just didn’t know how to put in words. It has 2 big rooms with bed. Living room had some chairs and table. Kitchen and washroom is at end of the house but need to walk down some wooden staircase. I remember 3 of us din said much inside the house, but as we just outside we agreed ‘stupidly’ to rent it. (but the rent is real cheap!)

Then we went back to look for other friends and bring them to the house. Our plan is to stay 1nites there, so after unpack, we go to buy our bus tickets but OMG, sold out for the date we plan to go back, so we had to delay one more day, tats 2 nights there. After lunch, we went back, and all of us felt too tired after the long journey , so all of us decide to take a nap. A nap that all of us only wake up at late evening, tats around 7pm.

That night, when all of us was in a room , some play cards, some chit-chatting etc, out of sudden we heard a loud sound (sound a bit like something heavy drop to floor) coming from the kitchen and washroom area. We were too scare to move and ask the guys to check it out. But according to them, they din saw anything unusual. Funny enough, we all fall asleep quite early that night around 1am plus, despite we sleep so long in the day!

And the following day, same as previous day, all of us feel tired and take a nap again after our lunch. And again we woke up at late evening. All of us felt is bit unusual as some of us seldom take nap, and some had never take such a long nap (almost 5 hours nap) before, but we din said anything. That night was a peaceful night, nothing unusual happen, but in our heart, we already wished the morning sun come quickly. So, the next day we packed our things and left the house before lunch, though our bus schedule is in the evening. We don’t want to overslept!

For that whole trip there, 3days 2 nights, all i can recalled is sleep, sleep, sleep… When we board the bus, only then all of us talk about it. In fact all of us feel bit eerie w tat house, but it seems that none of us able to open our mouth to said it out there.

luckily nothing happen to us but till now, we still don’t understand what happen to us. How come 10 of us can nap for so long and nap at the same timing for continuous 2 days? Maybe we been drugged!

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