Haunted New Building

I want to share this personal ‘ghostly’ experience which took place about more than 10 years ago. At that time, our office had just moved into a new building. During its construction/renovation, there had been a couple of site accidents which had led to the death of one or two of the construction workers. I am one of those people who turns up for work early in the morning, before 6.30 am, to avoid the traffic jams. My office was located on the 11th floor of the building.

As usual, I parked my car in the basement and headed for the lift to my designated floor. I entered the lift when the door opened. I was alone (so early mah). I pressed for the 11th floor and pressed the ‘close door’ button. It refused to close. I thought new building so maybe mechanical problem. Tried again. Door still refused to close. Suddenly the ‘lift full’ button lighted up. At the same time the 9th floor button lighted up. The lift felt different but I wasn’t really concern. (My colleagues’ theory was that ‘others’ had also entered the lift heading for the 9th floor) Scared? Nah, just plain dumb and maybe haven’t fully woken up at that time.

Anyway the lift door then closed and it went up till it reached the 9th floor whereupon the door opened so I pressed the button to close the door but again it didn’t worked. The door remained open for a while. Then the ‘full’ button went off and the door closed. It then continued to the 11th floor where I got off.

The significance of the event did not sink in until much later, when a few weeks later, my Human Resource manager told us about books falling off shelves in her office and her calculator moving by itself across the table during one of her late nights in the office. By the way, her office is on the 9th floor. We later found out from the building guards that the 9th floor is haunted and usually four guards will be needed to patrol that floor at night since nobody wanted to go up there alone.

Scary? I dunno, as I am still here.

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