Haunted Construction Place

Construction sites always got ghost stories one. I think mainly because construction sites are usually dangerous places with a higher than normal instances of workplace accidents / fatalities. That’s why construction workers are more superstitious that other classes of workers.

I have heard that some construction workers refuse to start work unless some religious person is first employed to come and talk peace and make offerings to the spirits first. On most sites the Chinese workers usually build a little “hut” like a large dog kennel to house and worship the local spirit (Toe Day Kong).

The other common type of asking spirits to do one’s dirty work is “pray to the little person (pie siew yun)” This is predominately a Chinese belief. For example Women folk who suspect their hubby is having a mistress would go and employ a prayer woman who will usually go to a street corner and while chanting the mistress name will wallop the floor with a slipper while cursing the mistress with all sorts of bad things…..usually cursing them with an untimely death.

This sort of practice you don’t see very often in KL now but still very common in Hong Kong. Usually you will find those prayer women under over head road bridges. For a fee they will go and curse whoever you want.

Those who have been in Sydney long enough will remember a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown called Tai Yuen Palace and the boss Stanley Wong and his daughter Tina Wong. Apparently they are not your model employers and I have seen on many occasions (usually the 1st and the 15th of each Luna month) an old lady curse them in this fashion right in front of the restaurant.

Eventually, a disgruntle employee (a Malaysian) broke into their house and cut Mr & Mrs Stanley Wong’s throat. The wife died but Dr Victor Chang (another Malaysian) saved Stanley’s life and many believe that for doing so Victor Chang himself became cursed and he was latter killed by yet another Malaysian gangster. The daughter Tina Wong was accused of drug offenses and died of a heart attack in court.

Hmmmm I wonder if any of the curses worked in this case.

Mercedes cars the doors lock after you start the car and after you drive about 50 metres. So people cannot car-jack you so easily. The new ones also have a SOS button. You press the button and the blue tooth system will automatically call the police and signal your GPS to the cops to come and get you.

So to get Dr Victor Chang out of his Mercedes the gangsters purposely bang his car and when he came out of his car to look at the damage (thinking it was just an ordinary car accident) the gangsters tried to extort money from him and when he refused they shot him. During the exchange one of the gangsters drop his wallet on the crime scene.