Haunted Building

There is a building (completed) in Malaysia where ‘the rumors’ being spread that there is a floor (whole floor) has to be vacated and left uninhabited.

During the construction of the building, I still remember that there is a day in a week, where there will be some ‘strange disturbances’ in particular floor like noises of people fighting, loud banging on the concrete wall etc. But among these disturbances, the most popular one is that; during that particular day; whenever any worker passes by or to do some housekeeping, they claimed seeing a figure of a pregnant woman sitting in one corner for a minute or two. ‘She’ will give a glance to the worker and vanished in thin air (some said jumped out the window) Every spiritual practitioner from diverse races/religion have been summoned to do some ‘negotiations’ and ‘cleansing’ but finally most of the practitioners gave up and concluded that the floor will has to be vacated and cannot be rented out.

At first, after the completed building was handed over to the owner/proprietor (a company of course), they did attempted to defy such warnings and rented out the floor. The tenants placed office furniture/fittings and equipment including PCs/networking few days before they commenced their work.

But the next day, they will find out all the things ‘magically’ been put into one corner with all the network cables and electrical wires being ‘ripped’ out. They rearranged and reinstalled everything back to normal but still experienced the same phenomenon the very next day. Thinking that it could be a sabotage, the owners tried to place guards and surveillance CCTV. But the guards were reported sick and some had to be hospitalized. CCTVs experienced blackouts for no reason. Of course, the tenants did tried to give some offerings or did some prayers – it’s still the same. Finally, the tenants have decided to just leave things as they were – they dismantled everything and shifted to another floor (nothing happened till now)

To this date, I heard ‘stories’ from the building occupants that the floor is still vacated and empty. Whether it’s true or not…I leave this story to you all to think.

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