The Haunted House

My friend from Thailand came over to my place one day and we were just talking about ghosts. Then she told me about an experience she had not too long ago back there. She was dorming and all so she and her friends would often go out at night to eat and then go back to the dorm. So one night they were eating and this one girl suggests afterward they should go check out this haunted house. Apparently a kid fell off the balcony or something and died so they had to shut down their business. At first everyone was reluctant since it was already late but the girl said that lots of people often go there after they go clubbing to just hang out. So she was saying it usually ends up not being very freaky at all. Everyone then agrees and they drive over there.
The street was quite small and narrow so they got lost even though the girl swore she remembered it was at that specific turn and stuff. They finally found it and it was basically pitch black in the area with the exception of their own headlights. It’s a two story building, the top area has a balcony with railing and the front is a fountain where the car can drive around it. Everyone freaks out and decides they wanna just leave. The guy friend at the wheel suggests they just drive around the fountain once and go. Everybody is hesitant and they decide ok fine, just once. As he is about to drive around, all the girls just go hysterical and tell him not to do it. So he needs to back up the car since the area is really narrow. As he’s backing up he hits the big tree in the back. The girls scream their butts off and he drives off immediately.
The next week, one of the girls sitting in the back of the car talks to my friend and asks her if she saw anything that night. My friend tells her she didn’t see anything. The girl tells her she swears that when they hit the tree that night, she turned around and saw someone standing there. She said that she spoke to someone who went there before and they saw someone standing there as well.
I asked my friend if she would ever go back to verify it and she was like HELL NO
Thailand is just a hella scary place with things that like that. There are just SO many stories. I would say many of my family members have had some kind of experience like that.

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