Haunting Stories

Below are some of the stories I heard in the past.

1) I know of this aunt whose house is haunted. At first this aunt thought that it is just her young kids being naughty and telling her lies until she experience strange happenings herself. It started with just her kids’ books and the house’s walls being drawn with some colour pencils and she scolded her children. Then they started hearing laughter of a young child around the house and some other strange happenings like things being moved around but they never really see the things moving. On day, she finally believed it when she saw a tissue paper floating across the room and then it burst into a small flame and disappeared. I heard that the family got someone from a temple to come and see the place and was told that there is a child spirit in the house. But i am not sure if they managed to ask the spirit to leave.

2) I heard from my mum that she had a elderly relative who was dying when she was in her teenage days. This great aunt was very ill and she finally took her last breath with her relatives around. Just when the family started crying, this aunt woke up again shortly! She told her relatives that she saw her husband (who had already passed away) and her husband told her not to leave yet and he will come and fetch her later and she told them a specific time. Later in the day when the specific time reached, she really passed away.

3) This child in his primary school days often see spirits. When he moved to a new home with his family, daily at certain timing, he would see a woman with very long hair floating across the corridor to his neighbor’s house and stood, facing the door for some time then disappeared. He couldn’t see her face every time. When he told his parents, they find it hard to believe because they saw nothing.

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