Haw Par Villa

This story was told to me by my mum. So i don’t think she would lie.

There was once she lived with her 7 siblings and her parent just across Haw Par Villa. Haw Par Villa for some of you who don’t know what lies in it, there is a chinese grave and some statues depicting Chinese legends and last time Haw Par Villa is near to the sea. But now most of the land were reclaimed.

Let me start off, every evening after Maghrib (7.30pm) my mum told me that from that cliff of Haw Par Villa, they will be able to see some spirits and other things moving down the cliff and to make matters worst, the statues which is adjacent to the house will start to glow and become so alive as if there is some kind of activity in it. So by every Maghrib, either one of my mum’s siblings will close all the doors and windows. But unfortunately, one of my uncle likes to go to discoes (that was the time of Saturday nite fever) always be late at Saturday nites. The first week he went home at 12a.m. Reaching the house suddenly he saw a kind of flash which struck a tree and the tree fell fortunately missing a few inches from his bike. He turned around and dashed off.

Another occurence happened to my mum’s aunt. She was returning home from the house and she had to walk to the bus stop which was about a good 800 metres away when suddenly she felt a presence behind her. She turned and saw a fully robed figure. She asked in malay “Tinggal mana kau?? Tak takut ker jalan sengsorang”(TRANSLATION”Where u staying? Aren’t you scared walking alone??”). The robed figure pointed uphill which means HE’S STAYING ABOVE THE CEMETERY. My mum’s aunt went running towards the bus stop and when she turned back, the figure had gone.

Another occurence happened to my mum. Since she was the one who always wake up the earliest, she will be the one who boils the water to make tea for everyone in the family. And that time, they used fire woods which was situated outside the house facing the sea and one particular morning, she did her daily routine that is to boil water outside. While boiling the water, she notice a white figure sitting down about 500meters looking the sea. She just leave it alone thinking it could be an angler. Soon my grandmother woke up and saw my mum all alone at the backyard and seeing that white figure, she pulled my mum away back to the house and told her to leave the boiling water alone and sit at the hall which faces the sea and the figure. Later around dawn, the figures dissapears into the thin air.

Another relative of mine who was 7 or 8 year old was playing outside the house with all his kampung friends at night and suddenly from above at the trees, they heard a shrieking noise caused by well(you can guess it) flying above them, all of them went into the house and locked the door. The neighbours children dare not went home that nite and returned the next day.

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