Hide And Seek

My fourth story happens to be in my school. Sadly that my senior tell me not to tell the stories , but i think its okay that i not telling out the school name. It’s at one of the school in Yishun, its during my Secondary 2 period. I joined the ava club in the school CCA, and i join when i was sec 1, after the Secondary 1 camp so sadly , i can’t do the sec 1 camp duty.

But after what i have heard from 1 of my sec 2 friends which i know before i went to that school, i start to feel not looking forward to the sec 1 camp duty which we have to stay overnight in the school in the hall. The girls and boys are divided into group of 2 the girls will be sleeping in the hall and the boys will be sleeping at their own class. I did not know exactly which years but i did know that it was quite long ago. During one of the years of the sec 1 camp , a groups of girls was curious about the new school and one of them suggested to play hide and seek.

As during the early years of the school, no JLO or “prefect” was there to patrol or to stay in the hall and classroom to look over the students,the group of girls sneak out to play Hide and Seek. As the hall there is only two staircase at the side of the backstage. They then start to hide. At the second floor of the backstage, there’s storeroom to put stuffs. As its can be lock from the external side of the door from the storeroom.One of the girls which is the victim hide in one of the room, but my sec 2 friends don’t wish to tell me the exact room.

The door was locked once its close. And the girl could not open that door.The other girls was caught by one of the in-charge teacher and was told to went back to sleep. During the next day that the victim are not at the class unit so the group of girls when to report to the in-charge teachers. After check the hall, they found the girl lying at one of the storerooms , suffocate to death. The place that became “haunted” as for i use “”, its because that only some of the students claim that they heard screaming sound and crying sound.And I’m one of the unlucky ones. Before knowing this story i when for ava duty, which is weekly during the weekly assembly. I was walking at the staircase which is at the right staircase. Sitting at the hall facing the stage, right side staircase is the place where i heard crying sound. I and 2 other friends heard the crying sound too.

And heard from my friends , the girl who suggested playing the Hide and Seek, was trouble by the victim and was not able to get sleep well , eat well, and the grade when down. The girl could not take the stress any more and when to the fourth floor and commit-suicide. After knowing that much every time i want to when to the ava’s control room, i try to use the left staircase and prevent using right staircase.

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