Pencil Spirit Game

I’m going to relate one incident I’d experienced personally, back then when I was just 14 years of age. In those days, Pi Xian is quite popular. Pi Xian means Pencil Spirit in Mandarin. There was this one day when a group us all girls were told of it and being curious as we were, we decided to give it a go the next day.

A big group of us, girls and guys, gathered at the atrium, after our school hours. We chose a spot and filled up the bench. Armed with a pencil and A4-sized paper, we started doodling on it. The letters “A-Z” were written down, followed by the numbers “0-9”, and lastly, we drew a “house”, a “door” with a little circle to act as the “door knob”, and on the “door knob”, a little “dot”. To end it off, we wrote the Chinese character that represent “God” on the top of the “door”.

We were warned to use only sharpened pencil for the game. “You wouldn’t want the pencil end to break halfway through your communication with the spirit!” my friend explained. And so we started, our hands over one another’s hand, all on this one pencil, we began chanting, “Spirit, spirit, please come out;… Spirit, spirit, please come out”, when all of sudden, the pencil moved, first slowly, then, with much force.

We look at one another with much excitement yet coupled with a tint of accusation, hoping someone will confess that it is his/her doing that the pencil is moving, but no one looked guilty, everyone eyes were fixed on the pencil with eager anticipation! We started asking questions, simple ones like what is its name, how old is it. It answered, by going round the paper, looking for the exact letter to circle, to form words and answers. Oftentimes, it would halt, as if to look around, and at times, it will go furiously, circling and circling!

Soon, we grew tired of it, and decided to end the game. Asking the spirit back, the pencil glided slowly back to the “door knob”, where it came. Slowly, one by one, we let go of the pencil, and the last person would have to poke a hole through the dot where the pencil last went. And finally, we have to tear the paper up and break the pencil into two.

Somehow, this game got us all addicted! We met up everyday after school just for it. Our group grew bigger and bigger, and soon, our attempt to invite the spirit up became unsuccessful. That was when our group size shrunk.

One evening, late after classes, a group of us 5 girls wanted to give the game a go again. We went through the whole procedure, and soon, were engaged with a spirit. After some time, our game came to an end. And right at that moment, one of the girls, starting crying. Slow whimpers, followed by loud sobbing, it got us so worried!

We started questioning her as to why she is crying. And when she looked up at us, I saw this look in her eyes, a look that I have never seen in my friend before. She, she looked so young, so sad, so lost! She couldn’t stop crying, and all of sudden, she turned towards me, and hugged me tightly. “Daddy, Mummyyyy!!!!” she cried out.

That was when we knew, she was it; that girl who is hugging me, SHE IS NOT MY FRIEND! We brought her to a corner, and made her sit. We questioned her. One of us even went to buy her a packet of H2O from a vending machine. It played with the straw, amusing itself, while staring blankly at us. My friend, the body whom it is in, she is a very nice, decent and pious person, and of course, one who would never behave in such a manner! Soon, we were at our wits’ end. My other girlfriends started panicking, begging it to return our friend to us. They began praying, praying, and praying. One moment, the distant look in my friend’s eyes seems to have disappeared, and the next, it came back. On and off, my friend came and go! When finally, it seems like she is back with us, we heaved a sign of relief!

“What happened?” my friend asked, while at the same time, drinking the pack of H2O in her hands. And then she stopped, spitting the content out –she never liked drinking H2O, she explained.

We walked her home, and asked her if she knew what happened just now. She started telling us of how she was trapped in this very dark room, with a door at the very far end. And there was this little girl, who keeps coming in and out of the door. That really freaked us out, now it is clear to us as to why was my friend behaving like a little lost girl just now! –She was possessed by the very same little spirit!

While walking my friend home, there were moments when she seems so faraway. She started skipping, singing nursery tunes and speaking in a childish manner.

The next day, I was told that my friend was very unstable. That she kept crying for what she saw. While in class, she related seeing this female spirit sitting on top of the blackboard. That was the last straw, it got me furious! Why, why make my poor friend suffer! I called for a meeting with the same group of girls; we have to deal with it sooner or later, why not today!

This time, after classes, we went to a different area to invite the spirit for a chat, a negotiation. We chose a table and bench in the middle of the field, with classrooms infront and behind.

There were just 4 of us this time. Being afraid, the 3 girls gathered together at the seat opposite me, while me, sitting alone, with no one by my side. We started, and questioned. All I could remember from the communication was that its name is “Liyana” and it is 10 years old. And in the midst of the communication, a gush of wind came, but did not go. I felt half of my right side freezing up! I acted calm and looked at my friend. What I saw confirmed my fear. My friend, the one who was possessed the day before, the one who could see spirit after, had a look of fear in her eyes; while looking at the right of my side.

We ended the game, and she told me, that she saw this spirit sitting by my side. The exact right half of me, which were frozen up the whole of the communication!

The very same night, I couldn’t sleep. I keep writing its name over and over. It is like this spirit made me addicted to it! I felt being watched, being followed, and it reduced me to tears. And as for my friend, she couldn’t take it any longer and were brought to a bomoh.

It ended then and there.

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