Highway Of The Dead

Endless miles of roadway stretched through the midwest towards the state of California. Three young men were returning home from a visit to Minnesota. It was very dark then, around midnight and nothing could be seen except what was shone by the car’s headlights.

As they cruise along the highway, one of the passengers spotted a beautiful teenage girl hitchhiking, waving her hand to get a ride. He exclaimed instantly at the sight of girl to the driver, telling him to stop the car.

“What’s happening?!” puzzled the driver.

“I saw a girl…back there! I think she needs a ride,” the passenger explained excitedly.

“Are you sure? I hate to stop the car in the middle of nowhere,” the driver replied. “Besides, what’s a girl doing here in the dark?”

“Yes! Let’s back up real quick,” the passenger commanded.

The driver backed up the car, and they saw the girl, just as the passenger guy had seen it. The girl asked if they could take her home to California. More than willing, they all agreed.

That guy in the back seat was asleep the whole time, and he awoke with no problem after seeing the cute girl sitting beside him. He thought about getting lucky with the girl, so he started to molest her. The girl did not resist, but just sat still.

The drive and his front passenger were making fun of the couple in the back when the driver glanced at the rear view mirror to look at them. He was startled by the mirror image of the girl. She looked dead, with blood dripping from her head, and face decaying away. She also had very sad eyes and were very quiet. Fear grew inside him and he stop the car. Telling his buddies he had to pee, he tried to get them out of the car too.

When they got out, he explained what he had seen, but the guys ignored him. The guy in the man was least willing to believe and he claimed the driver made it up because he was jealous. He turned around to go back to the car but the girl was no longer inside. There is no where the girl could have gone. They looked around them for a few seconds and decided it was time they fled.

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