The Seven O’clock Ghost

There is a house in Monroe, Washington that has a ghost. They call it the “seven o’clock ghost” because it always makes its presence known at seven o’clock.

This guy called James lived there and one day, his friend, Pete, was at his house. James had seen what the ghost could do and he has told Pete all about it. While Pete was there they decided to stay up all night to see what the ghost would do.

They didn’t expect anything to happen until seven in the morning but slightly after midnight, the ghost yelled, “Go to sleep!” and slammed the door behind them.

They just looked at each other for a while and then went downstairs. They were sitting on one of the couch and talking when the computer turned on by itself. They stared at it in disbelief as it signed on to AOL and went into a chat room under James’s screen name.

James walked over and unplugged the computer but amazingly, it stayed on. So, Pete took a foam football and threw it at the chair in front of the computer. He was hoping it would show him any sign of someone sitting there. Well, the ball indeed bounced off as if it hit somebody or something invisible to both of them and then rolled itself up the stairs. Everything was quiet after that and the computer turned off itself.

At seven in the morning, furniture in the house started moving around and then there was some evil laughter. Then the ghost was yelling at them to leave his house. James yelled back at the ghost, “You stupid ghost! No one’s afraid of you. Just leave us alone!”

Everything stopped and the ghost was not heard of or seen for three whole days. However, after the third day, at exactly seven o’clock in the evening, James’s cat started hissing and acting like it was in a hysteria. Then the cat was floating in the air while its hair was being pulled off bits by bits. James was petrified now but there’s nothing he could do. A stream of laughter followed and the ghost said, “You still not afraid of me?”

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