Hitting A Ghost

During my NS I was from BMTC school 2 Taurus company. I forgot what the reason was but my section had 13 people in it so my bunk was arranged like this. 6 beds on the left (if looking from the door) and 7 beds on the right of the room. I was assigned bed 6 and because we had an odd number in my section instead of having 1 buddy, beds 5,6 and 7 were assigned to be each others buddies.

We’re not supposed to go pee at night without our buddies following us. We were told by our ps and pc that it was a rule and anyone caught going to the toilet alone at night will be given extras.

As I mentioned earlier I don’t believe in ghosts but hey it’s better to be safer than sorry right?(hence me sleeping with my bible in Selarang camp) so my section mates know all about how I don’t believe in ghosts but I never made fun of anyone for their beliefs although most of them just thought I was trying to be macho.

So once I had to go pee at around 4am(actually I do this almost every night) and tried to wake my buddy on bed 5 but he wouldn’t wake up so I woke my other buddy on bed 7 and forced him to follow me to pee. He reluctantly woke up and followed me. This guy is paranoid and pretty much very cautious about ghosts.

Wouldn’t let me enter the toilet until I apologize to an empty toilet for disturbing and say that I was going to pee. I obliged him and after peeing and washing my hands we walked back to the bunk. Bed 7 buddy was walking really fast and went into the bunk for a good 20 seconds before I reached the bunk. As I closed the door, which was left opened by bed buddy 7, something in white came jumping out and started groaning and reaching out it’s hands towards me.

So I did what my instincts told me to(done martial arts from the age of 7), I punched it. Gotta admit the 1st thing that went through my head was “OMG! Ghosts are real and I just punched it. F***! F***! F***!” nearly peed myself again

Then I hear a damn loud WTF!!! And saw my bed buddy 5 crawl out from under his bedsheet. And then heard my bed buddy 7 and a few others who had woken up by then laughing. Apparently they had planned this for a few days to see whether I’d freak out.

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