Medical Centre

During my NS I was “upgraded” to a duty ambulance driver from the so called entry level duty driver after awhile. So on the 1st day i was the duty ambulance driver, of course is feel jin song because sleep in medical centre, got aircon, clean environment etc.. that night around 8pm or 9pm, we were gathered around the counter of the centre chit chatting when the main glass door of the medical centre starts to open and close by itself, as if someone is playing with the door sensors ( auto glass door by the way ), but no one was outside..

I heard one of the medics mumbling to himself “there it goes again”.. without much thought, i asked the medic nearest to the main switch inside the counter to switch the auto sensor off. None of them responsed to my request, thinking that they damn slack like me ( drivers are known to be nua ), i walked inside the counter to switch it off. Upon reaching there, i saw that the farking switch was already at the off position, tbh my hairs really stand at that moment. How the fark can the door be opened if it’s switch to off? Not to mention that it’s opening and closing like someone is playing with the sensors right at the glass door where i can see clearly outside?

The medics gave me a knowing look and we sat there in silence until whoever is doing it gets tired of it, i asked the medics the next morning and they said it’s not the 1st time it happened, maintenance came said nothing wrong also. So they just lived with it.

As duty personnel, we sleep in the sick bay at night, so we have two drivers, four medics(?) every night. There is only one entrance/exit to the sick bay Usually i take the bed nearest to the door of the sick bay as no one wants to take it, after that night then i know why.

There was this night when everyone was asleep when i turned to the side facing the door of the sick bay, it’s basically the length of a normal door way. Unable to sleep as i just came back from sending a casualty to hospital, i just stared blankly at the walkway outside. All of sudden i saw someone in white robe like those doctor robe walking past the door, i was like who the f**k is that? Furthermore there can’t be anyone in doctor robe in army medical centres…even medical officer don’t wear that… thinking it’s the medics playing a joke, i jumped up of bed to try and scare that joker back. I silently walked towards the sick bay door and peeped outside, upon seeing then i remembered…. that direction the person walked towards is a dead end and i didn’t see anyone when i peeped out.

1st thought on my mind is “jit pai hong gan liao”….i turned back to the direction of my bed hoping to see if any of the medics or the driver is not in bed or not in case it’s a well planned prank, all of them were in bed. I walked back to my bed and just close my eyes hoping that daylight faster come.. throughout the night, kept hearing foot steps from the walkway outside when i can clearly see all the personnel are soundly asleep.

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