Home Team Academy

I was from Home Team Academy and I used to go to Jalan Bahar camp for attachment or exercises. That place is creepy at especially after dark. Before you even step in you would notice 3 out of 4 sides are facing the cemetery.

First stop is the detention barracks. It is freaking dark, I think due to the barred windows and cell doors. And the cells were directly facing the Muslim cemetery. Heard from past detainees they say sometimes can hear lady singing at night from empty cells. And if you have worse luck, you see the kakak at the graveyards looking at you…

Second stop is the dorm blocks. Heard from friend when they do night duty, they will hear loud banging from this particular room. When they go and check it out, they saw beds and cupboards flying around. After a few incidents, that room was only used as a last resort but never to local trainees.

But the story I really want to talk about is the furnace tower. It is this empty tower with controlled effects to simulate a burning and smoky building with CCTV watching 360. during my stay at CDA, I notice 2 things; there is no night training and training begins as early as 4am which I find a little bizarre.

So I probed a bit and ask a laojiao. So the story goes, previously the training were held at night. And after setting up the exercise, the instructors wait for the trainees in the control room, the one with all the CCTV. And apparently… one of the Encik watching the monitors saw the 70kg mannequins, affectionately known as big john, started to walk around the room and adjust his position.

So subsequently, no night training were held. And to achieve night conditions, they started damn early like 4-5am when the whole place is still damn dark.

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