Girl At Tengah Airbase

One of my friends used to be a driver in Tengah Airbase during his active time years ago, he was detailed to be duty driver one day.
During his time, the third floor of TI was always unoccupied for unknown reasons. The toilets were quite deserted and felt eerie at nights.
As the duty driver, he had to stay on the first floor in the duty driver bunk and the DO was staying on the other side of TI. If the Duty Officer knows how to drive, he will usually not bother the duty driver to drive him around on his routine nightly rounds around the base.
On this particular night, the Duty Officer knew how to drive and told my friend to just take a good rest and he will drive by himself on his rounds.
My friend was resting until he was awake by soft knocks on his door several times.Thinking that it was the DO,he opened the door only to find out that no one was outside his bunk.
He went back to sleep and was soon awakened by another soft knock on his door. He stuck his head out and saw no one but when he turned and looked towards a dark corner,he saw a little girl standing there staring at him.

Why is there a girl there when this is an airbase?
Knowing what he saw,he pretended not to notice and took his phone and bunk key and locked his bunk.
He walked over to the other side and told the DO what happened who spent the rest of the night with him.

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