My Haunting Incidents

I would like to share with you my personal encounters. 4 incidents. 1 was at tekong, 1 at a mainland camp(not gonna disclose), 1 at woodcutter trail and 1 at Amoy camp.

We had an outfield at the eastern side of Tekong, the palm plantation area for my BMT. It was the first night and around 3am(that time was wearing watch) and I had to pee badly. Everyone was sleeping in basha and my buddy was right next to me. Feeling bad that I had to wake him up, I decided to leave the basha alone and proceed a few trees ahead and pee there.

Before I pee, I did pray to mention that I’m really sorry and i really cannot hold my pee any longer, then i relief myself. The moment i started peeing, seeds on the trees begin to drop on my shoulder. I’m not even kidding or joking, legitimate seeds macham durian seeds that kind, falling off the tree, some hitting my shoulder, some landing on the soil with a loud thud. I was quite fortunate not to see anything tho, as the moment the seeds fell, i immediately looked up and even checked behind me(sibei heng never see anything). It was the longest pee i ever had….. Some more you guys should know, Tekong + outfield + night can be really cold, and army always enforce water parade.

I went back to my basha and continued sleeping. But was disturbed the entire night. I heard person shouting fall in, hence i quickly wear back my boots and get out, only to realise i was alone. It happens at least 3 times.(i could be too tired and was hallucinating).

The 2nd incident was in a camp. At night after last parade, i went to the spare bunk(we store all extra night snack inside the spare bunk) to get extra night snack. So the design of the door is the modern kind, open already auto close, turn knob to lock from the inside. So what happened was, after i take the night snack, as i went out, the door was locked. The windows were closed, and i’m the only person inside the room. No chance people were to lock me from the outside. Luckily didn’t see or hear anything.

The 3rd incident was pretty common to others. Navigation exercise in woodcutter trail and smelt a very strong curry fragrant.

The last incident was inside one of the bunks in an abandoned block in Amoy camp. Had some exercise there, so my buddy and i was inside the bunk. When night fall at around 9pm, i thought my buddy called me and i replied him, what’s up? Then he looked at me and said he didn’t call me. At that moment i knew something was amiss. When the exercise ended, we both acknowledge that we heard a very faint yet distinct voice. It sounded like a conversation between 2 person, yet so faint that we can’t make it out what it was. The whole block was vacant.

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