Eerie Selarang Camp

I was from Selarang camp and I am going to talk about this incident I experienced as a new officer posted to the camp.

I was a newbie back then, newly posted to Selarang doing my first DO duty. DO means Duty Officer. It means officer on duty for the whole night and I have to witness all the important handling over procedures taking place in camps during my duty hours.

Our ops room building was all the way inside the camp(back then they have yet to construct the new gate) and we have to get the duty driver to drive us to the main gate for the review of the last parade.

Me being new and curious, decided to tell the duty driver to stay at his MT line while I slowly take my time to stroll/explore the camp from the ops room building to the main gate (around 10 mins walk).

The blocks around the ops room are usually vacant at night as it was a stay out camp for HQ 9 Div personnel and the only units inside were 3 SIR, 39 SCE and Transport Hub East which were positioned near the main gate.

As I walked past the common cookhouse towards the last parade area at the main gate, I felt there was this unexplainable eerie vibe that gradually creeps onto me. It also didn’t help that the lights were constantly flickering (motion sensor lights), adding a significant dose of eeriness to the surroundings.

After the last parade, I immediately used my comms to page for the duty driver to send me back to the ops room building.

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