Selarang Camp

I am going to tell you some stories of my army days. I was from a fenced off small unit at Selarang(those who were from there will probably know which unit is this by the time I finish) camp.

Got a few spooky stories to tell from my stint in the unit as an NSF so get ready for wall of text.

1. After 9-11 RSM boh bian have to put us on 24 hour guard duty. This includes SBO, rifle, gate duty and prowling within the unit grounds (which we felt super waste time).

Behind the main barracks block was a string of very old and big trees (not sure which species). The flood light that is supposed to illuminate this area at night always spoil one. And was expensive to replace so the last time it was replaced was a few years ago. So now after 9-11 RSM boh bian have to replace. But it will take a few weeks if not a month before it is replaced so we have to prowl behind there with flashlight.

The thing is my RSM was from the unit also. So he knows all the dirty stories of the unit. During my time there, he will drop me advice about certain places in the unit while giving me the “look”. That look that he is talking about the spooky stuff.

So his advice to me is to prowl that place with flashlight. There got no pathway so if don’t want to enter the space can just flashlight the area from both ends…. And don’t anyhow shine the flashlight esp into the trees.

First night of my duty i flashlight into the area and that area is so dank i swear it ate up the light of my flashlight because it didn’t illuminate anything. I decided not to go into the area either as it just didn’t feel good nor right.

About 2-3 weeks later, the flood light was replaced. It spoiled again about a month later. My RSM sibeh tulan.

2. All the enlistee bunks are on the 4th floor of the block. Offices are 2nd floor. 3rd floor is officer mess and officer bunks. One morning while all of us were up and about getting ready or taking a quick nap before changing into work fatigues, i saw a guy in the green mechanic overalls walk pass my room along the corridor.

See, the thing is that overalls is worn only by 2 regulars (they were not in camp until 830-ish. And it was of somebody who i do not recognize. And that person just walk pass the corridor, rather quickly, without looking into the bunks, which is what a commander will do because they all do not know which bunks we all sleep in.

I was the RP oic back then, so i started asking around did anybody saw this person and know who he was. Nobody who saw him knew and when i checked with the guys who wear overalls in the unit, they all said it wasn’t them.

3. The commander mess is haunted by at least 2 ghosts. One female ghost in white and a male ghost. The male ghost shouted in my buddies ear one afternoon when he fell asleep in the mess. He didn’t want to be alone in the mess for the rest of his NSF tour.

Many people saw the female ghost. Including my then S2 and my RSM when he was a young sergeant.

The commander mess storeroom also had this eerie feeling. The door to the room has a small glass panel. And we always had this strange feeling that something was looking at us through the panel.

I made it a soft rule to keep the light in the storeroom on when the mess stewards were doing night duty.

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