School Of Signals

During my army, I was based in School of Signals around the very end of the 90’s to early 2000. From what I can remember, the 6th floor of the bunk block is reserved for contingencies only. Yes, it is said to be haunted and not to be used unless absolutely necessary. Never went up there to have a look as I never had the chance and I also didn’t bothered.
I was from the Training Branch and we plan all the timetables and run some of the training rooms. The other branches have the bunks allocated to them for usage accordingly with 6th floor kept as reserve.
In fact, the most the dirty place is the area next to the classroom block where they parked all the vehicles. Next to that area there is a road at the bottom sloped road (between the vehicle parking area and 2SIG) that leads to a large gate that is permanently padlocked and never used.
Also the vehicle maintenance area next to the cookhouse is also haunted. It has an altar there and there are always prayers conducted.

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