Strange Incident

I served my army at the Rifle Range road camp. Sometimes after duty, when we can’t hitch a ride, we would just walk down the hill. Took me about 30min to walk down if I remember correctly.

The number of guard duties I did was on average 4-7 per month (yes its the norm but also because I was Pes B, and a lot of people were excuse duties in the camp), and we were required to prowl the inside the ammo dump. Maybe I was lucky that I didn’t encounter anything spooky most of the time, and I even spotted a pangolin during 1 of the prowls.

But I remember and incident when me and my partner were doing prowling inside, somehow our walkie talkie malfunctioned and we lose communication with the guard post.

After we finished our prowl and we came out, the guard com came over with a worried face and ask if we were all right. We replied that yes we are fine, just that we lost communication inside. Then he said that the reason why he asked is that during the time when we lost communication inside, someone in a foreign voice comm to the guardroom and say that the 2 of us are in danger and let out a sinister laughter…till now nobody knows who was that voice on the other side..

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