Vampire In Singapore?

The story that I am relating is about my friend X. This story is quite long so please bear with it.

X was asked to go to London to clinch a deal. She was arranged to live in a hotel since she will be going back in a few days time.

One night X was tossing around, unable to sleep as the weather is cold outside, so she decided to admire the scenery in London. X hailed a cab to show her around. Soon, she was fast asleep in the cab. The next thing she knew, she was on an isolated hill with the empty cab. She wondered where the cabby brought her to but she went to the driver’s seat, trying to drive the cab away. The cabby appeared suddenly and without a word, dragged her out of the cab. X was shocked by the sudden behaviour. She was even horrific by the face that she saw. The cabby had two fangs and he was trying to bite her. However X struggled and broke free.

She ran away but the ?cabby? was chasing her. Suddenly, she tripped over something on the ground and soon, she was rolling down the slope.

X woke up semi-consciousness and she saw that she was lying in a bed. She saw a man sitting beside her and she found him familiar. When she was fully conscious again, the man that she saw was her teacher! How glad she was to see her teacher again. She quickly felt her neck. No holes and she was relieved. X was told by her teacher Z that when he was on his way home, he saw X lying in front of his ?house? (it was a castle that Z inherited from the will of his grandfather) and someone was chasing her. Somehow or other, Z had chased it away.

When Z was chatting with X, she noticed that he looked very pale. Soon, he was shivering and when Z approached him, she was shocked to see that he had two fangs. Z asked X to leave immediately as he will no longer control himself and will soon bite her if she?s still not leaving.

Finally, X recalled how Z told her how he chased the ?cabby? away. In order to repay Z, X walked forward and offered her blood. Z hesitated at first but in the end he turned her into a vampire.

Now X has returned to Singapore and has quit her job but she told me that if she needed blood, she would go to the pub and look for her prey. (Stealing blood from the hospital is too obvious) She told me that she will not bite them but she will use a syringe to draw their blood. After her prey is conscious, they will forget everything about meeting her and the drawing of blood.

So those people who often go clubbing, beware of pretty woman who approaches you, you might not know who you are dealing with.

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