Spooky Camping Trip

Ok guys, I come from Scotland and thought I’d share a story that happened to myself and my brother while camping in the grounds of an old castle a few years ago. I was awoken in the middle of the night by the very distinctive sound of footsteps walking round the tent, trying to convince myself that this was just a sheep or fox or badger ( in fact anything that wasn’t a knife wielding madman ), I lay VERY still until they went away, about 20 mins later.

The logical part of my brain was telling me that there was a perfectly ordinary explanation and as such I did not wake my brother who I was convinced would have years of fun taking the piss out of me. A few hours later I again woke up to these footsteps going round the tent but then to my absolute delight, as I’m sure you can imagine! I received an almighty poke in the ribcage through the tent wall, whimpering slightly by this point I again decided not to wake my brother and tried to tell myself that a pheasant of all things had somehow got between the inner and outer tent ( although I swear it was a finger that poked me). Later still I again awoke to a heavy weight on my feet which I put down to my brother taking up to much space and nudged him at which point the weight disappeared.

In the cold light of morning I had almost put it all down to an overactive imagination until my brother told me over breakfast that he had been kept awake for most of the night by footsteps going round the tent, he had also received a poke in the ribs and had seen the shape of a dogs head sort of melting through the tent wall!! To cap it all he then went on to tell me that when I nudged him in the side he looked up to see what he could only describe as a large ” dog headed beast with red or white glowing eyes” sitting on my feet which vanished as he was looking at it. Funnily enough he didn’t want to wake me up in case I took the piss out of him. Needless to say the tent was dismantled in record time and neither of us have been back since.

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