Horrors In The Girls Boarding School

These incidents were related to me by my teacher who didn’t personally experienced it but her friends did, and according to her, it is real. Okay, here are some stories that I heard from her.

Story #1 : This happened to my teacher when she was chosen as the warden of the boarding school. At night, my teacher sleeps at the ground floor ( The boarding school consists of 3 floors and the most top floor which is what we call the ” loteng”, malay for the top floor which you can look down all the way to the ground floor ) Okay back to the story. My teacher was sleeping when she was awoken by a banging sound on the doors of 1st floor of the boarding school and heard running footsteps. She wondered who could be running around banging doors at night. She said to herself ” Just watch out you who bang on the door next morning, I’ll get you “. Then, my teacher slept again. Then the next morning, after all the students finished eating bathing and all, singing the school , national anthem, my teacher asked all the students to assemble in the assembly hall. Then she shouted furiously ” WHO THE HELL WAS BANGING THE DOORS AND RUNNING AROUND THE SCHOOL ON THE 1ST FLOOR LAST NIGHT??!!” Then when no one confessed, the teacher was about to punish everyone when a group of students ( 12 of em ) came to the teacher. They said ” Teacher, last night there was no one running around and banging on the door. ” The teacher was surprised and asked them how’d they know. Okay before I continue let me explain about the rooms in the boarding school. The doors of the rooms were broken, so the students lodging in it will have to tie the door with shoelace, so if people push it, the shoelace will stretch revealing a little of who is outside. So let me continue the story ” Teacher, actually last night, we saw a pair of feet from the knee to down. There was no body, only legs. It was kicking on our rooms door and we went to push the door to prevent it from coming in ” The teacher was very shocked. End of story 1, now story 2.

Story #2 : This happened when my teacher was not yet selected to be the warden of the boarding school. She was watching TV and it was about 11 in the night and suddenly she heard screams of students outside. She went out to see all of the students assembled in the assembly hall, some with towels covering their naked bodies, night gowns and all. They were looking up to see a black figure with red eyes staring them down from the ” loteng ” the highest floor of the boarding school. The figure jumped down and disappeared in mid-air. The teacher went out and asked what happened, they said they saw hands ( cut off ones ) crawling out of the toilet as they were going to bath. Thats when they ran screaming out of the boarding school to the assembly hall.

Story #3 : This happened to my teachers best friend who stayed in a teachers flat not far away from the boarding school. My teachers best friend, lived in the 2nd floor of the teachers flat with her husband. She was watching TV with her husband and she went to the kitchen to get

the remaining food to eat with her husband. When she stepped into the kitchen, she saw like a shape of a head, not so visible one, rising very slowly from the floor. She was wondering what was it and that ” thing ” rose and rose and rose and rose and you know what it is. She ran to her husband and her husband asked why. She just said to her husband ” You go take the food lah! “. Before this, the first floor lived 3 big sisters with their 2 year old little sister. Their parents were out and a few minutes before the head appearing in the 2nd floor, the sisters were having dinner, the 2 year old sister suddenly sounded out ” Hey sisters, did you see a person wearing white clothes fly?!” The sisters were like “HUH?!” then they started eating furiously, washed the plates, locked all the doors and windows and waited in the living not daring to go into their rooms until their parents came home.

That is all. Believe it or not it is up to you

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