Goldern Landmark’s Lady

This happens in 1998, I was then working as a salesgirl in a boutique which sells Muslim lady traditional clothes at Golden Landmark Shopping Centre which is located around Arab Street.

That night around 9.30 pm me and my senior collegue,Shikin were cleaning up and are about to close the shop. Shikin was 4 months pregnant at that time. As we were about to close, Shikin excused herself to go to the ladies.

She went alone but a minute later she rushed back, looking pale and shaken. She told me to close the shop quickly and go back home. So i pulled down the shutter and we make our journey home together(we take the same bus. As we were walking outside the building Shikin revealed to me what had she saw a while ago. She told me that as she was about to entered the ladies, she saw a very pretty Malay lady who was wearing a 1950’s-style baju kebaya’s outfit and a selendang standing inside. The Malay lady was adjusting her selendang in front of the mirror.

As Shikin walked inside, all of a sudden the Malay lady turned her head sharply and looked at her. The Malay lady’s eyes were big and she was staring straight at Shikin’s eyes. Shikin was stunned on why the lady had to look at her like that. As they stared each other eyes, it was then that my collegue noticed that the Malay lady was wrapping the selendang tightly around her own neck as though she was trying to strangled herself with the selendang. All the while her unblinking eyes continued to stare into Shikin’s. Shikin found some courage to turn around to go back to the shop to where I was.There is really something not right about the Malay lady and it frightened her.

The next day i learned that Shikin was hospitallised as she suffered from misscarriage. What was strange was when the doctor found out that the unborn fetus strangle itself with her umbilical cord. Shikin resigned after that but i still keep contact with her, and to this day she stills believe that the lady in the toilet have something to do with the miscarriage. The way the Malay lady wrapped her selendang tightly around her own neck seems to show the fate Shikin’s unborn baby had to die. My mother says that the Malay lady was a pontianak.

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