Haunted Sun Plaza

Please do not be misled by Sun Plaza, the shopping centre beside Sembawang Mrt station. SSC is further down the road, towards yishun. I have worked there 10 over years back in KFC (before the centre is renovated) and since it is always the last few outlets to close, there are always chances for us to hear alot about the supernatural.

1. It is rumoured that every night, there will be marching heard on the second floor. I have asked one tenant who has been there for a long time but he says never heard abvout this kinda things.

2. If u all din realise, SSC has 9 floors, not the 4-5 floors that most tot it has. The last few floors above the shopping centre are all residential areas. Before the whole place is renovated, my colleagues and me have ventured up there. The scary part is that only the first residential floor is occupied, we assume, as one flat got one orang light shining thru the door. But the higher we went, the darker it bcomes, until the last floor, where there is a poster bed in the middle of the dark, eerie lift lobby.

3. We even climbed up to the top floor (attic??), where we can have a really good, clear view around SSC. Once up there, i suddenly saw, from the corner of the eye, a pair of legs running across. But of coz, i have to say it may be a figment of my imagination. Haha.

4. I have asked this colleague of mine, who used to go up to the top floor after work for a relaxed smoke with two other friends, whether he has experienced any things. He told me that there’s once, 3 of em are toking and one of em just started running. The two followed suit and when probed bout the reason, the guy told em that while they are toking, he saw an indian man, holding a parang, running straight at em….

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