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Hi, don’t know if you had read my story in stomp or razor TV.  However, I would like to share my true experience with IT….

It all started whilst my hubby & his partner were scouting for a cafe unit because the previous unit in Temasek Tower had been torn down.  They were indeed unlucky to find this unit in Changi Village….

If I put in bits & pieces, I realised it did not welcome us….First, when they were supposed to move in to this unit in the afternoon, the movers broke down, called them that they can only make it in the evening…by the time they went to Temasek Tower to load and unload, it was already past midnight….

Hence the next morning, my hubby went to Changi to do all the unpacking….only half a day there, a fire broke out near the pantry area…..

I did not join my husband till their 3rd month because my ex-boss was retrenched and returned to Germany.  Since I love to bake, I supply the cafe desserts (home made cakes & pastries).

Nothing really much happened till the 6th month in this unit.  First, I began to see flashes….then I told my hubby and he was surprised because he experienced it several times but did not confide in me…..I just had this gut feeling something was there…I can’t see but something told me ITs there….

The next day, I brought my digital camera…didnt bother to review it and only saw it only on our way back…it appeared as an orange orb on the table top…I realised my instinct was right…I began to research something about this thingy called “orbs”.

As days passed, I think IT realised I spotted IT….here were some exerpts:

–  stray cats started to flock into our cafe entrances, looking as if something was jumping from one end to another

–  the mustard that my hubby frequently used went missing

–  the service staff saw flashes like we do

–  bees swamped to our speakers on one afternoon

–  roast chicken left on the altar, less than 20 mins were maggots infested

–  water tap & radio were turned on

Oh, this unit had been blessed by a Catholic priest when they first moved in…Because of this incident, we also consulted a Thai geomancer who told us that there was a little boy & an old man in this unit…we were told to get an old toy, something which is obsolete, the small drum that could be heard when u turn the beads…..

Despite all these and further pictures taken (the orbs got more and some kind of appariations can be seen in the photos).  I had consulted the SPI and they were unable to tell me the findings.

During our last lag here, we were terribly drained with many other freaky incidents and bad business that we decided to give the shop up….

Although 2.5 years had passed, I had not given up my research…..recently, believe it or not, this pyschic from Canada contacted me after looking at my photos…..

She told me through the pictures, this unit was cursed, something happened in the 60’s, a massive fire started and killed many lives there….she seemed to be able to connect to some souls, it seemed they were trapped unable to head heaven….

There was also this eerie photo which I took for my hubby as a memento…a blade like object appeared….in this, she conveyed that it was “old blood”, a male figure which will always be around …..

It makes me wonder now why none of its tenant including ourselves never stayed in this unit for more than a year…..

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