Office Got Ghost

Hi, I’m back with a new story. This happen during the last 2yrs in my previous office bldg, located in Tg Pagar area. Its a pretty new bldg, abt 10yrs old only and the last 2 yrs was actually my 2nd time working in the bldg, my office have since moved out 1 month ago, otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you this and at least I save the best of my horror encounter.

Nothing happen during my 1st time working in the bldg 10yrs ago, but before I work there during the last 2yrs, my ex-colleagues who were still working in this bldg told me of some encounters. The funny thing is it happen only after I left my ex company, some of my colleagues who works late will sometimes find the office extremely cold, its unusual since the centralise air-con already turn off at 6pm. Also some claim that sometimes the office photocopier will auto print out papers, not cause by incoming faxes, but simply blank pages, even though nobody passes the printers. Well this was they’re stories, now lets start mine.

My job nature requires me to work on irregular hours, so sometimes I may come back in the middle of the night.

First let me describe the layout of the office, it is partion into 2 area mainly the reception and our the rest of the office, is separated by a wall abt 8ft high, not all the way up to ceiling level, so anybody talking outside we can still hear them. The main door is 2 pieces of glass door using number lock, so usually after the receptionist leave after 6pm there is nobody at the front office. The receptionist counter top is cover with a glass piece, and the office is on raised flooring, and on our office is on the highest level and there is 3 units, ours in the centre, but the other 2 units were unoccupied during the last 2yrs when we were there, and tenants from other units also unable to acess our level, as a lift access card is require, so if you’re not working on my particular floor, you’re unable access, not even the toilets, and the fire access staircase is lock from outside, once you open and close, it will auto lock you out.

Whenever we work beyond 7pm, we will sometime hear the stationery at the receptionist being moved, sometimes will hear sound like the staple being moved, clicking of pc mouse and typing on keyboards, or even the chair being moved, I must admit though sound a bit scary but it didn’t bother us much since its still early.

On one occassion, I return to office around midnight to work, when I arrives I could feel the office was pretty cold even though the centralised air con have been turn off since 6pm and it wasn’t raining (I stay quite closed to office). Shortly after I needed go toilet to clear my bowel as before I came in I went for supper. In order to get to the toilet, i’ve to pass by one corridor door, once I pass by this door I heard somebody pressing our office no lock door, titititi 4times since its a four digit lock, thereafter follow by a hard bang (closing of glass door against the magnetic strip on top), usually at this hour only one other colleague or myself will return and usually we will close the door light, making sure its lock, not this unusual way of letting the door bang against the magnetic strip, just in case the glass door crack. Anyway I just continue heading towards toilet and do my business in the cubicle. Inside the toilet there is a rubbish bin with a metal covering, when I was doing my business inside the cubicle, suddenly the rubbish bin cover started to spin (imagine the sound of a metal cover spinning, its pretty loud), and there was only 2 cubicle in each toilet and the toilet door just diagonally to my cubicle, i didn’t hear anybody opening the toilet door either,anyway I shouted asking if its was the security guard (patrolling) but nobody answer, thereafter the lights in the toilets started to fickle, I quickly finished my business and got out off the toilet.

When I got back to office, the lights in the office were all turned off ( I left it on before going to toilet), its was not caused by power tripping, as I’ve to turn on the lights again using the switches and my pc was still running. Though a little scared I just continue working and left office shortly. The next day I asked my other colleague if he came back the night before and he say no ( I trust his words cause, if he got nothing to do he’ll never return at such late hours, he is pretty lazy type and stay far away from office)

On another occassion, it happens pretty early, around 7pm, a lady colleague finished her work around 7pm, after turning off all the lights, she went to the toilet and again once pass by the corridor door, she heard somebody pressed the no. lock follow by a loud bang, curiously she turn back to check who came back hoping to scare that person(my colleague and myself have never told anybody about my above encounter), but to her horror there was nobody in the office, its impossible for anybody to open and close the door and left within flick of seconds and she didn’t even hear the lift door open (ding dong), thereafter she call me on my mobile wondering if I came back, and I told her no, thereafter she did not even dare go back to the toilet but left. The next day we started asking around, and nobody claim to have came back after they left office and we trust nobody came back, anyway ours a small company and we’re all pretty close to one another, so I doubt anybody lied.

The 3rd encounter, I experience also happen on a late evening, around 10pm, I was only person left in office, suddenly I could hear footsteps sounds, remember my office is on raised flooring, so some parts of the flooring is uneven so sometimes when we walk over we can hear our own footsteps, but there’s nobody except myself.

The 4th encounter happen weeks before our moving, as usual I was working late, around 11pm, suddenly I could see a transparent figure moving around the office, its the shape of any old man, bi-spectacle with bald top (Di Zhong Hai), looks a bit like my ex boss (but he is still alive), though scared I just shouted at him not to disturb me and he just vanished in front of my eyes.

On the night before our offical move out date, I was again alone late in the office packing up my stuff, after packing I went to toilet to wash up then came back to take the lift, as I was facing my office main door, there stood the same blur and transparent old man I saw weeks ago, waving goodbye to me with a disappointing type of look. It seems somehow he was aware that this was probably my last night at the office. As usual though frighten I just wave back at him and luckily the lift came fast enough and I left.

Well I trust some readers may doubt my story, go read my other previous stories, like NS Ghost Story, Headless Boy on Ubin, BBQ at Labrador Park, and Gorgeous Ghost, and you’ll understand what type of person I’m.

Till my next encounters, farewell, “Bros an Sis”

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