Seletar Camp Encounters

I will like to share my encounters during my recruit in Seletar camp at bravo block 2002-2004 situated at near MT line where people rent the tonner and rovers. Bravo was then shifted to old bravo which is worse cos a female regular sergeant commit suicide there.. stayed there for last 6 about the first bravo block, my encounter starts during my third day of army which is cruel to me as i not prepared for it. It happens like this:

It was late around 9pm when everyone goes for a bath and nights off at 10.30pm.. i finish my bath and while i walking back to my bed while the light is off and which at the last 2nd bed of the bunk from the entrance, i saw someone squatting beside my cupboard facing my cupboard which i was still at the first few bed so when i get more and more closely the figure getting blur and blur until it like vanished into thin air… like ppl smoking the smoke vanish into thin air just like that.. dunno how to explain …. i was panicked and i act normal untill i tell my buddy about it… lucky nothing else happens later….

Next encounter is at lim chu kang camp which we attached there for training for 1 month. their bunk can sleep the whole company one.. very big… plus scary also.. i was awaken at night during sleep by someone like smoke again… this time worse.. i actually got up and follow it to the center of the bunk just beside my bed which can view the whole bunk something like the row view the beds all at the sides. the moment i notice WTF i got up.. the thing i follow just gone in thin air like smoking smoke… i called my buddy up but no response.. i panicked and go back my bed covered myself with blanket and telling myself that if something gonna touch me or call me i gonna shout really loud… but nothing happens the bunk is very quiet… so i took out my amulet put under my pillow and go back to sleep. tml morning i told my friends about it..

So did you ppl at least see something like mine ? they dun really harm you .. maybe they wanna say something or wat ? cant really understand it….

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