Hotel In New York

There were three of us when we checked into a hotel in the middle of bustling New York city. It wasn’t such an old hotel, just the typical ones you get when you join a tour. Hopping from hotel to hotel, the three of us established the habit of leaving the toilet light throughout the night. However, it was this night that I had to switch on the light twice.

Then there was this bunch (god knows how many in this group) of drunkards, that were talking, shouting, slimming doors for a good two hours at least in the middle of the night. We were afraid to confront them, thinking that they were drunk and anything might happen if we were to make them upset. What’s more, we were too tired in the middle of our sleep to make complains.

The next day, we woke up. Each of us was complaining of the noise next door. Then as my friend was turning on the light to use the bathroom, she commented that she had turned on the lights last night, someone had forgotten to leave it on, with that she closed the door, leaving me starring at my other friend. She denied but we left it at that.

As we rolled out our luggage, we took a glance next door and to our horror, there was NO next door. We found out that we all didn’t switch off the toilet lights later and that there was no drunken neighbor next door. No one heard anything on the other wall of our room (same tour group). The worst thing is that the tour guide knows that the hotel is haunted and kept quiet about it.

Now do you know why people have said that one should not stay in the last room at the wing of a hotel?

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