The Goatman

Michael was on his way home late one night after work. He almost always walked the train tracks because they were a straight shot towards the house. These train tracks ran past a cemetery which was alleged to be haunted something fierce. One of those ancient old settler cemeteries. So it was about mid-December or thereabouts and Michael is strolling on home after work. It’s already dark and has been so for a few hours. From the way it’s told there was no moon that night.

Anyway. He’s walking on home, gets right near where the cemetery starts. He starts hearing somewhat muffled footsteps behind him a ways but doesn’t think much of it. Plenty of other guys walk home this way as well. So he keeps going and the footsteps get a touch louder and louder. And, he states, don’t exactly sound like footsteps but more “hard” sounding. So about midway through the cemetery he’s getting nervous and the steps are getting closer so he ventures a look behind him. Now according to Michael he saw a “goatman” or “the devil himself”.

He describes this entity as a man who basically had goat hooves and horns along the lines of the mythical Pan. And this thing was heading straight for him. Reportedly all the snow around this creature was instantly melting as it walked through. So Michael runs like a motherfucker screaming like a banshee. He hears the clop clop clopping of the beasts footsteps behind him speed up to catch him as he’s running. Finally he gets past the graveyard and sees the thing stop right at the edge of the cemetery. He keeps running and looking back and after a short time the beast just vanishes. Michael runs the hell home and never walks home past the cemetery ever again.

Reportedly he collaborated his story with some of the other guys at work and some of them had also either had encounters with this thing or had heard of it. And thus ends yet another of my crazy immigrant family’s great mass of ghost stories. If only I could remember some of the ones my great grandmother would tell me when I was little about some of the crazy shit in Poland…she used to always give me nightmares.

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