House Agent Encounter

She was marketing a bungalow for sale at Swiss Club Road. It was a Tuesday evening and as the house PUB was not turn on, she had to conduct the viewing before it got too dark. Her client arrived punctually at 6.30pm and happily proceeded with the viewing. At about 7.30pm as it got quite dark the client decided to leave. So she walk her client to their car park on the roadside. As she was about to go back to the house to close all the windows, a lady pushing a baby in a pram call out to her and asked is the house for sale. Of course she was glad that someone living around the area got interest on this house. She mentioned that it might be too dark to see properly inside but the client said it is ok for her. So she lead the way inside with her client carrying her baby in arm.

After completing showing the ground floor as she proceeded up to the second level, she was mentioning about the designer decor in the bedrooms. When she was at the second level, as she turn back to face her client, she got a shock that her client had not follow her up to the second level. She quickly went downstair & called out to her client name introduced to her as Mrs Humprey. There was no one around so she guess the client must have left for whatever reasons. Cursing to herself, she proceeded upstair to close up the premises.

As she was about to close the window facing the road, she saw Mrs Humprey pushing her baby in the pram. And suddenly, she realise this Mrs Humprey got no legs from her knee down and she was infact floating. She said she got blackout and does’nt know she fainted on the floor until she heard her mobile ringing. She quickly rush out of the house without closing the windows. Obviously she asked her colleague to take over the marketing. What an experience!.

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