House In Pasir Ris

Anyone been to this place? I don’t know what its called, nor do I know the exact address or road, but I’ll do my best to describe the locale for you. You start off at the entrance to the NTUC Pasir Ris chalet complex, where the bus to the chalet makes a U-turn back to the town. Continue up the road and past the bend. On your right is a grassy, open space. On your left, residences and there are trees ahead. The road goes uphill from here on, and it bends to the left at this point. Keep walking. Now, on your left will be the houses, on your right, the trees. You’ll pass by three or four little junctions with semi-detatched houses or bungalows along the little roads. You’ll also see a dirt path going into the trees on your right. I haven’t been in there, I don’t intend to go in, neither do I reccomend you to try. Keep to the road. As you move further up, the houses move away, and you’ll find that the terrain on the left is lower, and on the right, where the trees are, higher. Finally, the place. On your left, you’ll see an old fence, and soon you’ll come across an old gate (which was open at the time, don’t know about now) and a driveway going down the slope. If I remember correctly, there are chinese characters on the gate. There will be a ‘house’ on the left of the driveway, one infront of it when viewed from the gate, and a few more behind.

I went there in December last year, on a chalet with my classmates. It was late and most of us had gone home, when one of my friends suggested going to the ‘ghost house’. I and two others took up his offer and we marched up the road. We weren’t the only ones visiting the houses. There were some bikes left outside the gate, and one of the riders was watching over them. The other riders were in the compound. We went in. I never ventured into any of the long-abandoned houses, they looked empty and dusty. The doors were mostly open, the shuttered windows mostly closed. I had just washed and didn’t want to get dusty as well. Besides, with so many people there, something might go wrong. My friend said that the place had been an old folks’ home, but I don’t know if he was right. Anyway, I turned back and walked back the same way I had come. It was dark and I was alone, so I was a little scared. I said, a little.

Back at the chalet, my friend, who had remained, was surprised that I had returned first. I told her I didn’t want to have to wash again, but she said I was scared. It took some time for the others to come back. They had seen nothing, nor were they scared at all. Does anyone know anything about the place?

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