Strange At Pasir Ris

This happened last yr in May when i was having my clz chalet at downtown east (pasir ris)… although it may sound boring to some of u ppl… but i hope u would take ur time to read my story. Here`s my story…

Me and 8 of my other frenz decided to go exploring round downtown east as we had nth to do fer the night… So at 12am we walked to the arcade to see if it was open as they said it would be opened until very late on weekends… But sad to say, when we reached there, it was closed. The more fishy thing was tat not only was the arcade closed, the place was extremely quiet and it looked as if there were only me and my 8 frenz…. Since there was nth much left to see, we decided to head back to our chalet… we took the short cut which was through the back alley of the pizza hut.

Halfway through the dark quiet alley, one of my fren asked me if i could hear water dripping sounds… i listened and gLanced fer awhile and realised tat there wasn`t any tap in the surrounding!!! I was starting to feel the creeps and told my frenz to pick up pace… Not long after, one of my frenz pointed to the ground and told me to count the shadows…. I counted them one by one and to my amazement, i found an extra shadow right beside me!!! i tht it might be a cat or dog`s shadow but it wasn`t!! end up, it was a Lady with long hair…. i got really freaked out and told my frenz to run!!! One of my fren who was walking behind, got whacked at the back and when she turned, there was nobody arnd…!!!

Until now, we have been trying to find all reasons as to what had happened back at the alley… To all those who are thinking of walking at the back alley of pizza hut, pls dun take the risk and dun ever try to explore dark places in the night cuz u nv know who or what u may meet..!!!

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