Thailand Trip

Well, this story happened when I was in my previous school. We went to Thailand for our History trip which is after our N level. We went there with our classmates and teachers. So we went to different places altogether. But there is one place which we went to and I think it is called Kanchanaburi. It is so called “Resort”. But when we arrived there, the “Resort” looked very gloomy. The whole “Resort” is being surrounded by huge trees. Even the so called “Pond” is dead! And in the chalet itself, the toilet has a mini garden in it.

And when we entered the chalet, we entered the key pad into a slot. But after a while, the whole chalet blackout! We girls(my 3 roomates) suddenly shout! We then ran out of the chalet. To my dismay, when we’re out of the chalet, we saw that everyone is already out of their respective chalets. I looked at my watch and it is already 7.30pm. So you should imagine the situation. Then we had this announcement by our teacher that the blackout is only temporary. So we were told to be ready and be at the guesthouse for our dinner.

As we all were so damn scared, we had to gather friends who wants to have shower and we keep a lookout for them while some of us were having our shower. So then we had to bring our torchlight to help us walk to our guesthouse. When we were in the guesthouse, suddenly we heard a group of girls saying that one of the girls who is in this trip, dreamt of this situation on the night before we went to this “Resort”. So in other words, it is like a “Deja vu”! Due to this, our teacher said that we are going back to our hotel instead of staying at the “Resort” for another 2 days! Boy, at that time we’re all damn glad!

Then the next day, we all went back to our hotel lor!!

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