How Could It Be

Hi folks when i happen to know this forum i like to share my experience with u all.

This what happen during my sch days when i was scouting in yuhua secondary sch. The scout group is very small but we were always so active, one day while we were camping in sch working for our job week, around 8pm, everyone is back and happily counting our earning for that days. While the others are trying to cook dinner for the nite. Suddenly the whole sch electricity shock all the lights went out. And i knew that is the trip in the MCB board so i decided to switch it back but i can’t because it’s lock.

At this point, all my scout members scream out, as i ran back to the scout room to see wat happen. Oh shit, i say to my self in my life the first time i seen “frenz” wearing in 70’s clothing but not one but is alot. I told my boys grab ur wallet and uniform off we go and every one cant see anything cos is dark and i can feel that the scout room is in a mess. One of my boys was pester by a “boy” who keep saying come and play with mi. Every of my scouts were so scare cos all of us seen the “frenz”. I say quick get out of the school fast.

After we get out of the sch, we decided to dawn outside till the next morning 8am. The first thing i went back to sch, i ask the HOD to open the MCB board to switch back the trip button but to my surprise, mi and the HOD saw that the MCB nv trip at all. At this point, my hair start to stand. My scouts boys pull mi back to the scout room. To our surprise, the room was tidy clean up and the food we cook was nicey place on the table and the uniform was nicey hang up. Lastly, i ask every one who wrote the words on the whiteboard. None of them did it. They said, once they step in the souts room, they see the same thing (“xie xie ne men de shi wu ta men zhen xiang xie xie” in chinese thanx for the food they are delicous thank you) I nearly fainted.

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