Grave In Si Ling Primary

I had far long gone from Si Ling Primary School but this particular story about that primary school from where I came, keeps on staying in my mind till today. It used to be located near the old Marsiling market. Now it’s going to move down around where I am living right now.

The previous location where the school was situated, had a small garden at the back of the school, somewhere near the front, small main gate of the school. In the garden itself has lots of plants being planted by the so called ECO Club members(if i’m not wrong that’s what they were called). But there was this one particular corner that has earth shaped, like a malay grave, infact there were two.

There was this one time when we heard it was actually two graves of two people, but wasn’t sure whether it was malay or chinese or indians’.

Being curious bunch of children I and my 3 other best friends actually had asked and refered from our own form teacher-Mrs Chan Chee Seng. But I guess as a teacher, she of course would not reveal anything information that would punch down the school’s reputation.

Then came a day where one of my close buddies, Marlisa, saw something at that particular place. We were busy with our Social Studies project while Marlisa was idlying away. She was the only one facing that ‘grave’. For a while, we were quite shock to see her suddenly going pale and went quiet for that moment. We asked what was wrong but she kept on going quiet. She packed her bag and went off. We as friends of course followed her. I guess, later when we were quite further away from the school, she was back to her normal self.

She then told us what had happened. While she was idlying around, she actually saw a white figure lingering around the ‘grave’. Later it moved nearer to her. She said it was a ‘she’. Then that lady stopped right in front of study corner. She suddenly disappeared. That was when she quickly packed her things up and left. Till now the story still lives in our memory…

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