Cluny Road Encounter

When I was a junior college student in 1981, my form teacher shared with the class her personal experience at the Old Singapore University at Bukit Timah campus(the former NIE).

She was a university undergrad then, staying in a hostel at Bukit Timah. One night, one of her male hostelites went out to buy supper and returned via Cluny Road, the road that has the Botanic Gardens main entrance at one end and Bukit Timah Road at the other. In those days, Cluny Road was a narrower, darker, winding and more isolated road than it is today. Readers who are old enough may recall that many huge trees with thick trunks line the road, many painted with two thick horizontal white lines to prevent traffic accident.

Well, the unfortunate soul who bought supper could not prevent his “accident” with another world. While riding back to the hostel along Cluny Road, a white figure suddenly swung from a tree across his path. It all happened so suddenly.

The next thing, my teacher and her friends heard the familiar knock on the hostel door. It was their friend alright, but they could see from his eyes that he was not himself.

He was possessed.

They got a resident doctor to help him, but he could not deliver him. Finally, they got a bomoh. The ensuing struggle between the poor man and the female spirit became more intense. Finally, when the bomoh exorcised the spirit, it let out a piercing scream. When the de-possessed man came back to his senses and was told what happened, he was shaken to the core.

So much for the female spirit of Cluny Road.

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