The Night Before PSLE

PSLE, the examinations that we all dreaded most in our primary school lifes, however everyone must go through it before we reach a higher stage in life. I have an unusual experience before PSLE examinations. I was studying late that night. I was revising through my maths assesments and the class notes that my teacher had given me. I was extremely nervous. I could not concentrate. Although it seems that i was the only one in my room, i felt an unusual presense somewhere in my room . I turned around, only in dismay to find nothing. At first, I thought the air-con in my room was getting colder, however, I checked the temperature, it was at a medium speed.

Out of No Where, I saw a green little Imp Coming right through the painting in my room. It was so hideous. It had 2 small horns above his head and he had red, bloody eyes starring right through me. His green body was Translucent, you could see through it..I was terrified, shocked beyond words. I felt like screaming for my parents, but…try as i may, no words came out from my mouth..I quickly closed my eyes and said my prayers in my heart, eagerly hoping that whoever or whatever that was, had gone away. My prayers were being answered. I ran a high temperature that night, and was sick for quite a while.

The whole incident kept on replaying in my mind, I felt very worried that the green ‘ghost’ might come back. I relate this incident to my parents, whom quickly took me to a bomoh to explain this inquistive incident. I was told by him that the ‘green thing’ that i saw last night was actually a ghost that was lost & trapped in this world inside the painting, it was passing through to find its place in the other world. He told us to destroy the painting which we did and everything went back to normal, except for my grades. I got a ‘B’ for the first time in my primary 6 life and thus, did not go to my dream school, well who cares bout that anyway ~by the way, this story is 101% true…and let this be a gentle reminder to those people who likes keeping pantings..till the next time..happy new year

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