KTM Land Near Queensway

I read the article abt the KTM Land near Queensway. The school next to it was mentioned as the former Henderson Secondary School. Actually Henderson Secondary & previously Crescent Girls used that school temporarily. The original school was Commonwealth Secondary School. The School was established in 1969. It left the premises & went to Jurong East in 1990(i think). I attended that school from 1983 to 1986. I had some nice & wonderful memories there. Fortunate i never encountered any ghosts there. I was there when it happened but never really saw it. I only knew abt it the next morning. Boy was that school haunted.

The technical block & the music room. Nearest to the railway tracks are said to be the most haunted place of all. Each time any uniform groups were to have a camp, ghost stories would follow the next school day. Students heard musical instruments playing by itself & machines in technical block will be working by itself in the middle of the night. The camps will always be at the open field but never near these two areas.

I recall an incident back in 1984. My NPCC squad had just won the national drill competition. We had a camp that nite together with the junior & senior NPCC officer. Its our annual camp. A Sec one girl got possessed somehow. She was quite a small size girl. Apparently she was loitering around the technical block. The story went something like this. She was missing, somehow. The senior students were told to look for this girl. Among these guys there is this one guy who happened to be the fastest guy in school. He was wif another guy when they say this girl alone talking to herself at the technical block. When she saw them she started to run. They went after her. Being the fastest guy that shouldnt be the problem. However that wasnt meant to be. No matter how fast he run she seems to be able to keep a 10m distance. After abt 2-3mins of running she somehow disappeared. They later found unconscious somewhere else. I dont know what happened to that girl. Maybe! she became the fastest girl in school after that. I dont know. Anyway, all I know is that is school is haunted, definitely haunted.

I heard of other stories abt this school but i cant remember any of it. I never encountered anything there. I wd love to hear anymore stories abt this school.

By the way, there seems to be alot of stories abt army camp. How come there’s no stories abt police academy. I was there. I know that place is haunted & keras too. I believe its the most haunted place in singapore. The next time I will write about Police Academy.

Please write to me if u were from Commonwealth Seconday School. I wd like to hear stories from that school.

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