It Wasn’t Me

I was pri 6 then and i was schooling in (sorry i can’t reveal my school’s name). This day, I was sick and I didn’t go to school on that day. I was at home all day….

When I came back to school the next day, my friends was acting strangely to me. They were kinda scared to talk to me. I was puzzled as I didn’t know why they were like that so suddenly. Then suddenly my malay teacher approached me. She asked me whether I was in school the day before. I was suprised when she asked me that but I just answered her. I told her that I wasn’t in school the day before as I was sick…

The next thing she did was giving me a suprised look and asked me again. I told her i really was at home that day. Then she just walked away strangely…

When I went to my Malay class, everybody did not want to talk to me. I was really upset about it and I started asking them Why? Finally they decided to tell me.

They said my best friend,(A) saw me in the toilet. (the day i wasn’t in school) She said she even talked to ‘me’. The conversation was something like this,(A) ” Eh how come you are here?” ‘I’ didn’t answer her. Then she said the next thing ‘I’ said was that I’m sick and ‘I’ asked her to go up to Malay class first. She said ok and headed to Malay class….

Then when she went up to class, she waited for ‘me’ but ‘I’ didn’t appear. So she asked my Malay classmate where was ‘I’. But to her surprised, my classmate said to her that I wasn’t in school! She was so shocked and told the whole class including our malay teacher. Everybody was shocked too. That was why they all looked at me like that the next day.

I too was shocked of course… So the mystery ends here….. You may think this story sounds fake and stupid but this is my life experience.

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