Possessed In School

It in Kembangan Pri School when my actual school was under renovation – It happened when I’m in Sec 2….(For info, my was girl school)

We move to Kembangan Pri School(now I think it been demolished) as our school was under renovation for upgrading. Here we hear a lot of scary and true story and I, myself had saw it with my own eyes.

One day, when we still having a lesson, my friend ‘S’ suddenly passed out and commotion began. We tried to wake her up but no avail. We called the teacher and understand from her that my friend been possessed. My teacher recited a holy prayer and in front of us my ‘friend’ talked to the teacher. ‘He’ refused to ‘come out’ and insist we don’t disturbed ‘Him’ as ‘He’need my friend’s body to ‘relax’.

After an hour of ‘conversation’ still shown no sight of success, the teacher then put some onion in her toes and we all recite a holy prayers together… We can hear the ‘thing’ shouted very loud and reminded us to leave ‘Him’ alone but we as per my teacher’s advice, we ignored the noise and keep reciting. With God’s Will the ‘thing’ lose and left my friend’s body. While we still reciting my friend woke up and asked us what happened? We just asked her to do the prayer and tell her later.

Another incident happened, we heard (from our own teacher) a Pri one student also been possessed, but she more worse. In class, during a lesson, she just do her own thing, she will draw a funny creature such as a human head and a body of bird, and if the teacher talked to her she will just stared with her eyes wide open and if she hold a pencil, she will bite it- can you imagine it like a rabbit eating a carrot.. Sometimes she just run out fm the class and climbed a tree, (Can you imagined a Pri One student climbing a big tree) and as if she so expert in doing it.

One afternoon when we were going back, my friends and I saw that little cute girl ‘stick’ in the school fence without any supporting with eyes wide opened. We then then quikly turn around and walked as fast as we could. Been told by her friends that accidentaly she had stepped on a dead bird in the school garden – which she climbed the tree onto.

Understand from my teacher, that the school had been left vacant for a past ten years and during the previous school, there’s a pregnant teacher felt from staircase and died in the fourth storey and a student hang herself to death in the first floor girl toilet and had received a complain from the gardener that sometimes at night he can see a woman carried a crying baby along the fourth storey corridor and my classmate and me don’t dare to go to the first storey toilet as we can feel the presence of that ‘thing’ and alot of things happened during the year but have no choice to continue the studies but every student been advice by teachers, not to go back late from school, must have a friend to go to the toilet especially in the first storey’s toilet and lots more adv.. but lucky we are still survived although we stayed there for 2 years before we moved back to our own and save school.

Lastly, if you think my story was untrue, it up to you to decide but for me, it will continue to be in my memory until I death.

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