Second Floor Toilet

This happen to my friend, her name was Nor. Last year she was a counsellor, she had to do a duty to make sure that nobody in the class.

One day in the class room where everybody was busy doing their work, Nor wanted to go to toilet so our teacher let her go to the toilet. She go to the 2nd floor toilet because it was the nearest as she was urgent. As she open the door and go to do her business and when she want to wash as she want to open the door to go out but the thing is she can’t move because something is holding her back. Then suddenly she can move then she quickly open the door and as wanted to go out the door suddenly the door shut quickly before she can go out. Then she can’t move again.

Then she saw a ghost wearing red and coming toward her but Nor wanted to scream but she can’t because she was to afraid. Then at that time Nor was being posses by the ghost at that very time one of her friend came into the toilet and saw her face like mean and Nor eye was red as though it was very angry. That she quickly called her home hoping that her father will pick up the phone. Luckily her father really pick up the phone and her friend told Nor father what have happen. So her father come quickly to her school and read the malay pray. When the ghost is about to tell Nor in her heart how the ghost died, she have already woke up.

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