Room 7, ITE East (Bishan)

We were in the middle of finishing our WP project on a Wednesday evening.. It was about 6.45 to 7.30 in the evening when the incident occured….Dated Wednesday, 21 February 2002.

My friend, Ir, was seated at the back of the room, finishing his project with his partner, Y. He was using the last computer near to the door.

They were joking around when suddenly Y’s face turned PALE… From where Y was seated, she saw something in white passed by the aisle turning towards the back door. Suddenly the atmosphere turned chilly..

Y asked Ir whether he felt the same as her. But he just ignore and asked her to continue the project. Few minutes later, Y felt that someone was standing behind her (thinking that it was her friend). But to her surprised, there was no one behind…

Soon after, Ir felt someone pinching his back. He then shouted “Ouch..Don’t pinch me!” and he looked back but no one was there. Then Y, who was typing her work, scolded him for shouting nonsense.. but it was not, but the fact that he was aware, that the thing was standing behind them..Ir is a person who can feel things..

BEWARE of This Room MY Frienz!! This is not Fiction but Fact..This is NoT the Only Story Bout Rm 7..Below is another One StoRY encountered by my Friend ZacK..

It happened on a Thursday evening, 6.30pm.. Zack and her 2 friends stayed back in this Room. Zack was doing her work when she suddenly saw a glimpse of a Black headless figure seated at one of the computers situated at the back. It was stationary with the hands on the keyboard. I will tell more stories bout Room 7.

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