Hypnotized By…

This incient happened to me when I was only twelve but I have a witness, my aunt who is three years older than me. I was living in Tampines st 22 when the incident happened to me. My aunt and I planned to cycling in the morning but in the very early morning. We woke up at 4.00am washed our faces and took our bikes down. We raced up the small hill and stopped for a while. We continued down the hill and towards the basketball court. But before reaching there, we have to pass through a short dark lane. I could till recalled seeing a woman in white ahead of us in the lane. Her face was covered with her long hair. I was ahead of my aunt and I didn’t know what I was thinking…..I was going straight towards the woman. She was wearing a long dress that covered the whole lane. I did not feel anything when my aunt screamed at me, “Hey, turn around…Pontianak”.

I turn my head and suddenly realized what I was doing. I was only a few distance away from the woman when I swerved and U-turn. I slid off my bike and injured my arm. My heart was thumping hard when an old chinese man walked towards us from the Pontianak’s direction. He was dressed all in white and he looked like a priest. He asked me whether I was alright and I answered I was okay. Two joggers brisked past me and looked at me in a weird way. The old man walked away and I could see a yellow umbrella tied to his back. My aunt was with me the whole time and said to me, “Boy, that was scary”. We both looked at the old man walking away when he suddenly disappeared…………..

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