Incident In Tekong

The stories here in this website brought back many memories of my time in Tekong. I’m going to tell a story about one sispec navex exercise in Tekong (The one where we are split into details of 3-4) which we had to do night navigation. About half way through the exercise, I remembered it was CAT1 and the exercise was cancelled and we were told to take cover till CAT1 is over, naturally everyone just heck care and assumed exercise cut and made our way back towards sispec…

For some reasons my detail didn’t know I went to pee and carry on walking back on their own and its like 7.45, freaking dark, till this day I believe I know my way back but somehow I hollanded and soon find myself infront of a broken-down looking rover on a road which was blocked by a fallen tree, I recalled seeing that place in the day navex and gosh how scary it looks in the night with the howling winds and lightning(It was cat 1 but no rain…) At this point I realised I didn’t know on which point of the map I was liaoz and started wandering around.. for some reasons I came back to the exact spot three times in of the rover… maybe its becoz its damn ****ing dark in the forest of tekong and for some reasons i was walking towards places that was “not so dark” like the rover i guess? and for some reason the prc77 i was carrying is not working at all doesn’t seem to help my situation at all…

The 4th time I came back to the rover my hair are already standing on its ends, and I was getting goosebumps all over… don’t know why for some reasons, not sure if its dumb or not i tot of getting into the broken rover and press the horn so hopefully somebody might come over…

Luckily just as before i was about to do so another rover stopped at the other side of the vegetation, I was elated and dashed towards the rover, and found my coy 2ic coming out of the vehicle… he ask me what the **** i was doing here and we are supposed to be back at sispec, the part of the coms that for some reasons my signal set could not receive… I told my 2ic about the broken rover at the other side he just took a peek asked me ignore it hop on and get back…

I got a feeling something is pulling a trick on me as just when I hop on the rover the ****ing signal set sprang into life and i heard the instructions to get back to coyline….

I somehow felt everything was plain suay and I shouldn’t think too much about it and prolly is a classic case of ?????, heard from my detail they didn’t notice I wasn’t with them till they reached coyline since they met up with 2 other detail and travelled back together(lol?)

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