ITE Simei

ITE Simei is built on a piece of land which host a little kampong back in the 80s. In the 90s, demolition took place and up come an award winning ITE campus called Regional Campus East which was completed in 2005.

A story told by one of my friend. During her first semester there as a freshman last year, she was put in charge of setting up the laptops with projectors etc. She thus arrived early in the morning and as the lights were already on, she start to fix it. As students came strolling in, they all noticed that one of the girl refused to go in. She just stood outside the bench and looking pale and worried. She just refused to enter the auditorium and she revealed to my friend that she has the 3rd eye and she can see something that nobody else can see.

According to her, there is a girl at the ceiling that kept laughing and was pointing her fingers at my friend and follows her around by swinging from beam to beam.

As she reached the door, she was grabbing my friend’s hand so right that she was feeling sore. My friend then realised there was a puddle of wet substance beside her bag and as she was curious, she look up and saw a girl wearing black ragged clothes staring at her. She looked like haven’t bath for years with unruly hair and all. My friend quickly take her bag and rush out of the room right straight to her lecturer’s room.

Rumours has it that where the auditorium stood, it used to be a big house which a lady livees with her father. Her father doesn’t allow her to go out of the house and she was locked in the room. She died when she was in her 30s from some illness and her body apparently was never found. Some said she gone crazy and ran away from her home. But what is true is that today, she lingers around the auditorium swinging from ceiling to walls. As there were a few other incidents with students, the room thereafter were converted an office for some communication department.

This story above was later affirmed by another friend of mine who is a lecturer in the school.

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