Ngee Ann Poly Haunted

Have you been to Ngee Ann Poly? If you have, i’m sure you would had noticed that it was build on top of a hill. Rumours were going around that it was built on bunkers and certain part of the school was built on cemeteries.

Students in Ngee Ann who needed to stay back late night to finish work, often would hear chain sounds being dragged around the sports hall area.

According to students who had orientations before the start of their school term, the orientators would often advise them not to wander into the toilets of lecture halls between BLK 26 – BLK 33 at night. It was said that the sensors to the lights in the toilet would behave strangely.

Then there was the famous motorbike sound at BLK 73 which always comes on at 12am with no motorbike to be seen. Infact there was a story about Ngee Ann students capturing some entities on videocam while doing some work.

I have known Jenny since my primary school days. Jenny went to Ngee Ann poly and her dad was a lecturer there. She told me that before she started her course, her dad always warn her to avoid the sports hall and swimming pool area as many strange incidents had happened there before as it was built on cemeteries. I wonder why schools are always built on cemeteries? Or is it stories that were meant to make students more obedient? What do you think?

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